• Fuel additive concentrate

    Longlife Diesel Green

    Removes engine deposits
    Reduces wear and tear
    Reduces particulate emissions by up to 67%

  • Reduce fuel consumption and emissions with our

    Emissions project

    No costly conversion required
    Fast and cost-effective

  • Give your engine a new lease of life

    Lifetime Cleaner

    Flushing that cares for your engine
    Effective fuel system flushing
    Automatic gear regeneration

Longlife Diesel Green

Extending your engine's lifespan.

Lifetime Technologies develops innovative, lifetime solutions for reliable, low-consumption and low-emission engines.

Longlife Diesel Green helps fuel burn more efficiently and cleanly. No deposits are left behind in the combustion chamber or valves.

Partners and testimonials

Available on all waterways.

"At bunker stations, no-one ever asks if they can get diesel one or two cents cheaper somewhere else, and Longlife Diesel doesn't cost any more than that. And once you've factored in what you save over the long run, Longlife actually saves you money."

Andreas Rohrmann, owner and captain
Longlife Diesel customer sinse 2013.

Stay up-to-date.

Extend your engine's lifespan


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